At 70, she decides to become an airplane pilot

It is never too late to realize his dreams. At the age of 70, a lady from Trois-Pistoles intends to become an airplane pilot. Françoise Sasseville completed her first solo flight a few days ago aboard her own aircraft, under the supervision of her instructor.

“In life, it’s important to stay active and challenge yourself. Learning to fly is my challenge, my project. Never let anyone tell you why you can not or should not do something, live your dreams! “Says the 70-year-old lady.

According to Aviation MH, who runs the Rivière-du-Loup airport, Trois-Pistoles’s wife is the second person in her family to carry out this challenge. Indeed, his son Richard Turmel is co-owner of his plane. He also made his first solo flight at the same time last year and has since completed his private pilot training.

Françoise began her pilot training in the summer of 2015. She recently decided to sell the company she owned in Trois-Pistoles to devote a lot of her time and energies to her new passion. His retirement plan is to become a private pilot.

Martin Hivon, President of Aviation MH, is his supervising instructor. He does not hide his pride.

“I am extremely proud that Ms. Sasseville has taken this important step in training a pilot. She was relatively fearful at the beginning of her training, but her perseverance and determination allowed her to overcome her fears and she now began to fly on her own! The next step will be to pass her private pilot’s license and I am very confident that she will get there before the fall. The entire Aviation MH team is very proud of it and we would like to congratulate it warmly! “