Artist Put Googly Eyes On Broken Things In Bulgaria And It’s Nice To See

We go to someplace, imagine we are walking along the road. We see a lot of broken objects on our way, unless our government  is so keen in noticing things and have a mind to make life better and clean. Just Kidding! So what we talking was that we see a lot of broken things, right? Somethings are less broken and somethings could be ugly. This is not a big thing. But what if these broken things turn out to be cute and funny?

Same thing like this happened in Bulgaria. The new eye bombing trend is now spreading like a fever around the world. If these broken part looks like some facial expressions just put googly eyes on them and it will out into a face. because we say that eyes are the windows to the soul.

Vanyu Krastev is a street artist who is currently doing the eye bombing trend in Bulgaria. He placed the googly eyes on the broken objects and made it look so much better than it was.