They build a building decorated with emojis

The famous icons you use in your WhatsApp talks now adorn the façade of a Dutch building. It was an Iranian architect who had this peculiar idea that has drawn attention in social networks. The property has apartments inhabited by students and commercial premises on the first floor.

“I do not see architecture as something static that should only pay homage to the classic.” I think it must convey the essence of every moment. Emojis are a very important language today, “said Verne Chagiz Tehrani, the architect who designed the building in the town of Amersfoort, 50 kilometers from Amsterdam.

Chagiz Tehrani is the name of the architect who designed the façade of this building. | Source: Attika Architekten

Building Construction began in 2013 and at the beginning there was no planned decoration of the facade. It was decided that the building would be made of red bricks and white concrete beams. Bands of the same color would be part of the frontispiece, a detail that gave way to the ingenuity of the Iranian architect. Decided to include 22 emojis.

The decorations with emojis were built from a 3D mold created by Attika Architekten. | Source: Attika Architekten

The emoticons also connected directly with the young people, because the building is in front of a school. “Students sit in the square, eat and take pictures with the emoji,” says Chagiz Tehrani.

The emoji are only on one side of the building, which is in front of a school. | Source: Attika Architekten

“Everyone knows what you mean when you send an emoji,” says the architect on these figures that he is already part of. Of popular culture.