Discover how to peel a garlic in seconds without getting your hands dirty

Garlic is a wonderful food that gives a delicious touch to our meals and also has multiple medicinal properties. However at the time of peeling a garlic, we face textures and smells that remain impregnated in our hands, and in many cases we do not want to continue using garlic in our daily lives.

Almost all traditional ways teach us to peel a single clove of garlic and yet we are risking too much. The thing is not as easy as it seems, much less in countries like Latin America in which garlic becomes a key ingredient for most preparations. We love its taste, its sensitive nuances that are a feast for our palate. In addition each of the dishes that involve him, would not be the same without his presence.

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However not everything is lost, and with the cooking trick we will teach you today, we are sure that you will even consume more garlic than usual, because this practical tip, helps you peel a whole garlic in a matter of seconds without needing to dirty the hands.

All you need is a glass jar with its lid. Put the whole garlic into the jar, close the lid tightly, and shake for 20 seconds. After this time the garlic will have come off their shells, and it’s just a matter of putting them on a plate, remove the shells from the garlic cloves And that’s it! If you do not have a proper jar do not worry, you can do the procedure by helping an old bowl and using the chopping board.

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Finally, if you do not need to use all the garlic in a single preparation. You can macerate it in a mortar and store it in plastic bags in the freezer. Or alternatively you can use the same jar adding olive oil to preserve the garlic.

Now we invite you to see the brilliant trick in action: