DIY – Making a mandala pebble

A moment of relaxation conducive to meditation, the realization of a mandala pebble requires your creativity and patience. Enjoy the summer to create beautifl colored pebbles to put everywhere in the house.

In India and Tibet, mandalas are diagrams that symbolize the positioning of the human being in the cosmos. The term “mandala” means the circle in which drawings are organized around the center. Their fascinating power is used for meditation. The making of a mandala mobilizes positive energies and allows to refocus on oneself. Why not start with this pretty colorful pebble?


Smooth roller + flat brush 12 mm + compass + nail dotters (small tools to decorate the nails, on the internet) of various sizes and / or round brush (0 and 5/0) + paints.

Time of realization : 2 hours + meticulous drying.


1 – Paint the pebble in dark red, let it dry.

2 – Make a big green dot in the center and 16 little ones in the same tone around it. Help the compass if needed.

3 – Continue by increasing the size of the 16 points and mixing little by little green and blue, on 9 rows.

4 – Then a 10th row alternating big blue and turquoise dots.

5 – With the nail dotter, create tiny white dots around lines 8 to 10.

6 – When everything is dry, make small white dots in the center of each color point.

7 – Make big and medium pink dots, surrounded by green mini-dots then white.

8 – Finish by decorating the larger dots of smaller in color, ditto in the center.