This Employee Gets Fired From His Office For Saving A Child From Getting Kidnapped

World is a beautiful place. But sometimes its get so bizarre. Why am saying this is because of this news. Well am getting into that.

Dillon Reagan who is Portland who works in Home Depot gets fired from his work due to the violations of company policies. You will blame the company for this action because the reason for the firing is that he saved a child from getting kidnapped. Whaattt??

“At the time, the only thing I was thinking about was the child’s safety,”

He saved a girl and he got dismissed from his work for his heroic move. He has been working there for 4 years.

“I stepped outside and sure enough, there’s this lady who’s frantic and crying, Somebody help me please! He’s stealing my kid, he’s kidnapping my child!”

Reagan and his colleague called the police and followed the man by foot according to the advice of dispatcher.  He then gave his statement and returned to the store. When he came back to the store, what he received was a bitter experience . The supervisor scolded him for being a hero. After a month the company fired him for violating the company’s polices.

This brought a lot of media attention and company decided to reverse the decision and take him back to the job. This time Dillon Rejected the offer and he said that it wont be good to work there anymore after receiving this type of treatment.

#1 This is the hero


#3 This is what Dillon posted

#4 He is not the only one who is frustrated