From Very Little To Little, Here Is The Highlights Of This Year WWDC

Apple unveiled improvements to Siri and its augmented reality platform, ARKit, among many additions coming in iOS 12. It also introduced changes to make it easier to use Macs and the Apple Watch. Craig Federighi, head of Apple’s software business, touted the performance improvement that would come with the next version of its mobile software.

“We’re working top to bottom to make it faster and more responsive,” Federighi said.

While WWDC isn’t known for hardware unveilings, its focus on software serves as a tease for what future iPhones and Macs will look like. Indeed, it’s the seamless integration of hardware and software that sets Apple apart from rivals. Apple’s ability to control every aspect of its products — something that began when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company 42 years ago — has been key to making Apple the most powerful company in tech.

Courtesy: Cnet, The Verge