Groom Didn’t Hesitated To Jump Into River To Save A Drowning Boy While In Photoshoot

A couple from Canada was having a great time after getting married. During posing for the Photoshoot groom suddenly ran away from the bride and jumped into the river. Everyone got stunned after seeing this because they all thought he is already regretting of the marriage and want to run away. But the reason for the jump was quite heroic.

During the Photoshoot, he saw a little boy was drowning in the river. The face was underwater and he was fighting to get saved. Without a second a thought, groom just jumped into the water and became a hero saving the drowning boy.

 “Almost as soon as I realized what was going on, he had already saved the day”, Photographer said.

His wife is so much proud of him and he also posed some good quite pictures after the incident.