Halloween Movie Reboot Trailer Is Here, And It’s Terrifying

The first trailer for Halloween is here. The movie is the latest entry in the long-running horror franchise, and it is a direct sequel to the John Carpenter’s 1978 original movie. The film sees original star Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode, and it hits theaters in October.

The movie ignores every previous Halloween film since the first one, and the trailer opens with a documentary crew going to interview Michael in prison, where he has been for 40 years. Inevitably Myers escapes while being transported, and heads back to his home of Haddonfield. We learn that Laurie has been getting ready to face him ever since, and there’s a nice in-joke about the fact that Michael isn’t her brother, a detail that was invented for 1981’s Halloween II. There’s also plenty of menace and scares–in short everything you’d want from a new Halloween movie. Check it out below