How to Achieve Better Sleep and Why it is so Important

From the World Association of Sleep Medicine, they clearly state: “lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep has a large negative impact on our long-term and short-term health.” And in fact, it is not necessary to resort to scientific studies, to great experts or medical specialists: we have all once noticed what it means not to have slept enough: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, moodiness, irritability, general physical discomfort, Of mood, a deplorable aspect, lack of mental agility.

However, there are other damages that may be less evident but equally important: the decomposition of the organism caused by lack of sleep affects the sensation of hunger and digestive disorders appear; Increases the risk of developing anxiety and depression; The immune system weakens and we become more vulnerable to diseases and contagions … and in addition, various scientific studies have found a relationship between lack of sleep and the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infertility.