Jewels In The Beard. New Trend Setter?

If you have a friend or partner you can not fail to mention this idea. At least, it is quite more fashionable than beards with glitter or with flowers. 

It is not a shocking news that men take care of their beards: with the resurgence of barbers, many found a place to enhance an attribute that has to do with masculinity and style. But it is not the only cut, care includes serum and also, decoration.

Krato Milano is a brand that specializes in beard jewelry. They try to be in details, not much costly, because obviously that would remove protagonism.

This line of jewelry was born from a Kickstarter project created by Valeria Stroukova, and until now, little skulls, anchors and crystals have attracted a lot of attention: although there are 30 days left to raise funds, she already exceeded the goal of € 7,000 that she set initially.

What do you think? It is a detail and can also give versatility to the masculine look. In fact, in ancient civilizations, men used many jewels, and to use them now is nothing strange.

Yes, we are gonna get it. Are you?