Do You Know ‘My Space’ Founder And What He Is Doing Now

My Space was one of the great innovation during our old days. It was discovered by Tom Anderson, who later sold it for $580 Million in 2005. Being a millionaire, what would someone do with all these money?

Travel, Travel and Travel. If someone have pocketful of money with them, they would travel insanely. That is our guy Tom is exactly doing. Seeing his stunning photographs, we can assume that he is a great taste in travel and in photography too. His Instagram photographs are creating so much vibe and making us force to ditch the office and grab the cameras and just travel.

My Space Tom

My Space Tom While Photography

#1 Guilin, China

#2 Bagan, Burma

#3 Uyuni, Bolivia

#4 Manila, Philippines

#5 Oahu, Hawaii