This Lake is the Most Beautiful, Deepest & Oldest Frozen Lake

Baikal is impressive. It’s the deepest and the cleanest lake on Earth. When we were planning a trip, we didn’t even suspect it is so wonderful, majestic and fairy. We were raptured over its beauty so much, that we almost didn’t sleep all 3 days we were here.

Lake Baikal is still the pride of Russia and the deepest and cleanest lake on the planet, about 19 percent of the lake fresh water is contained in this lake. Its purest water creates an incredible world in winter when the lake at one moment is covered with ice crust. The methane and oxygen bubbles from the plants freeze up momentarily, creating an incredible 3D model of the cosmos. Cracks, hummocks, splashes in the grottoes on the shore – it is so unique and beautiful that it captures the spirit.

I want to appeal to all tourists and residents so that they keep this clean corner of nature whenever possible, it is unique, beautiful and amazing. It would be very pitiful to lose him.