Man Fleeing During The London Attack Without Spilling His Beer Is Taking Down The Internet

‘I heard a noise. I saw everyone starting running. I have a beer in my hand for which i paid 5$. I am not going to leave it at any cost’

London is facing severe terrorist outbursts in recent months. The latest is the London Bridge attack. A vehicle approached the crowd and 3 person got out and started firing into the crowd that left many causalities.  Police killed all the three terrorists within 8 minutes but this terrorist activity costs 9 lives.

The fear is not escaped from all of the natives but internet found a guy who gives a total shit to the activity. A photograph of a guy fleeing the scene with beer in his hand without spilling it off has taken over the internet.

The photo, which has been re tweeted over 28,000 times, features the man fleeing from the scene with a pint of beer in hand. For some, the photo provided a moment of profoundly dark comedy on a day otherwise entirely colored by tragedy.