This Man Has The World’s Greatest Physique And He Explains How He Maintains It

Everyone loves to go to gym and get a greater physique. Some people like because they like to be fit and some people do it just to showoff.

Ryan Terry, 28 year old man is the star here. This year he won the title of Men’s Physique Champion at the Arnold Classic. He is ready to share his secrets. He is a man who really pays attention to nutrition.

Ryan Terry

I always give my muscle groups the equal amount of time throughout the week.

Over time, if there is a weak or lagging muscle I’ll start to work on that more, prioritise that more in order to get that physique that I think the judges and the sports world wanted.

Gym Routine:

Monday – Chest and Triceps

Tuesday – Legs and Cardio

Wednesday – Back and Biceps

Thursday – Shoulders and Abs

Friday – Legs, Obliques and Cardio

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Swimming and Rest

I enjoy the food I eat, I don’t see it as as monotonous, I don’t see it as a chore to eat the food I eat.

I have six meals a day every two and a half hours, and that will consist of a protein source, a carb source and a fat source.

So get ready for workout!

Source: UNILAD