Models Who Stayed The Way They Are

Today we live in a transformation world. Everybody wants to transform themselves to a better person in looks. Most of the fashion icons we see now a days are the results of surgeries and expensive treatments.

But we have to understand the point that there are still people out there who loves the way they are. And some of them are fashion icons too who walked in the unconventional way.  May be you will wonder what the hell am talking about. These photographs will answer your curiosity.

1. Marquita Pring

2. Felicity Hayward

3. Kortnie Coles 

4. Chloe Marshall

5. Stefania Ferrario

6. Shareefa J

7. Anstasia Vinogradova

8. Liris Crosse

9. Katya Zharkova

10. Jada Sezer