Mp3 Is Literally No More And People Are Worried

When mp3 first released for the first time in 1990, it was really a revolutionary invention. This audio codec reduced the size of by 95 percent. This changed the culture around listening to music that means people could carry a massive number of songs on a small device instead of lugging around physical CDs.

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And after 22 years, mp3 is no more and pronounced dead by the creators. So the question is ‘Can we still use mp3 formats’?

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We can still use MP3 formats and we can still buy them. In fact, the research body says MP3s are still popular among users. The only caveat is that without the support from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, eventually you’ll have to transition to more up-to-date technology.

We can’t say mp3 is dead. Because only the patent is over. The mp3 is still very much popular among people. The format gif patent was terminated a decade ago, but still the format is popular among us. So don’t need to worry anything.

Franhaufer Institute Team Who Found Mp3

Bernhard Grill, director of that Fraunhofer division and one of the principals in the development of the mp3, told that AAC, or “Advanced Audio Coding,” is the “de facto standard for music download and videos on mobile phones.” Fraunhofer Institute partially created AAC, which Grill says offers more functionality and is more efficient.