This ‘Mr.Bean’ Photoshop Characters Are The New Hilarious Thing In Internet

We all smile, at least give a smirk when we hear the name ‘Mr. Bean’.  Mr.Bean is a famous charcter played by actor Rowan Atkinson. The character was so funny that people still laugh out loud on seeing the bean videos. Lately people photoshopped bean to the famous movie characters and it became viral in no time. Lets see some of those hilarious works.

1. Potter Bean

2. Mona Bean Lisa

3. Wolverbean

4. Indiana Beans

5. Bean Fiction

6. Gladiator ‘Bean’

7. Voldebean

8. Sexy Bean

9. The Incredible Bean

10. Lord of the beans

11. Bean Spock

12. The Superbean

13. Ironbean

14. Monabean

15. The fault in our beans