The mysterious Mount Roraima rises more than 2500 meters above the clouds

The Monte Roraima , also known as Roraima tepui, Mount Roraima or just Roraima is located on a high plateau at the crossroads of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Some people believe it is a natural but also unusual work of nature. Some others simply say that it is something frightening …

There are also researchers who say that it is not a mountain, but an artificially created formation. And is that Mount Roraima has a fascinating way. It was carved from a single piece of rock, monolithic and gigantic.

Its vertical walls have smooth surfaces and the sides of the mountain form straight vertical lines.

Monte Roraima Google Image

The height to the top of the vertical walls is up to 400 meters. Inclined corners form fairly sharp shelves around the perimeter.

Monte Roraima Google Image

The height of the ridge reaches 170 meters. The total height of the structure reaches 1,150 meters from its base.

In the mythologies of Pemón, Capone and other indigenous peoples of South America, Roraima has played an important cosmogonic role.

In the language of the Pemon Indians, Roroi means “blue-green,” and ma means “great.” Therefore, the name of “Roraima” translated from the local dialect would mean “big mountain blue-green”.

According to the beliefs of Aboriginal peoples, the stump (the mountain) is a remnant of a mighty tree from which all the fruits and vegetables of the world grew. The legendary hero Makunaima , who literally means ” Work at Night “, also known as “God” or “Great Spirit” cut the tree and the trunk fell to the ground and caused a terrible flood.

It is often said that Makunaima was never seen by mortal man.

The cliffs of Roraima can be climbed to the top and it takes about two days to do so. However, during the ascent one of the risks to travelers is that sometimes a cloud of dense fog appears, so you should be especially careful.

Despite its unusual shape, Roraima Mountain is not particularly unique because there are similar rock formations around the world.