NSW Police Force Is Taking Over The Internet With Hilarious Social Media Posts

Police Force are meant to stop the crimes in the city. But NSW Police Force is stopping crimes as well as creating funny memes in internet too. Good effort to get the maximum love.

What you will find on a Police Force official Facebook Page? Probably some law enforcement things, safety tips and rules to obey something like that. But what if these things are said in a witty way so that people can understand and also laugh. New South Wales Police Force Official Facebook Page is a pro in this. People are so much into this page recently because of the hilarious posts they have been posting lately.

They are using this new way of technique to keep up the engagement level.

“We knew if our engagement were to fall away, the chance of our followers receiving future posts would reduce significantly.”

They also said that if there is a humor side to every serious things we say, people would accept it easily.