People Are Again Trolling The President And This Time For Touching The Orb

The president is back! I was so sure that Mr. President will be back on internet soon and it happened. I will tell you the reason for which now Donald Trump is getting trolled.

The starting of everything is the tour to Saudi Arabia, where he met the king and during the meeting they posed for a click with their hands on a glowing orb. Satanic? Nooo. But the people start to troll the president and the results are so funny.

It happened while Trump attended the grand opening of the city’s new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. The centerpiece of the futuristic office-like space was a translucent, lit-up globe. Thats where the king and 2 presidents placed their hands on it for nearly two whole minutes, serenaded by a music.

The globe was merely a decoration, and does not possess any mystical power. Still, the good people of the Internet had their way with the bizarre photos of Trump and his orb.