Photographer Uses Simple Trick While Taking Pictures And Results Are Amazing

Recently, wedding photographer Mathias Fast has shared a zero-budget hack how to improve your portraits by adding reflections, and it will take every beginner’s shots to a whole new level.

The secret is simple. A phone screen. Using it as a reflective surface, people can easily get rid of undesired elements entering the frame or add intrigue to a simple composition. “I’m hardly the first person to use it but “discovered” it for myself at a wedding one day when I was photographing the bride getting ready,” Mathias told. “The bridesmaids had their phones lying on the table and I saw the reflections they were creating. I realized that at the right angle and distance I could incorporate the reflection into a photograph while disguising the fact that they were coming from a phone.”

Mathias has been shooting professionally close to 6 six years now. “A phone is almost always in my pocket which is why I find it such a handy tool to use,” he added. “I try not to overuse it but definitely incorporate it a couple times throughout a wedding or portrait session. Sometimes the effects are subtle, sometimes they are much more dramatic. My goal is always to have the viewer pause for a second and try to figure out what is going on in the image.”