These Photographs Is An Inspiration To Everyone Who Are Ready To Loose Weight

“Look at that girl”

“Wow, she is super hot”

“Hey, look at that one”

“What, that fat one?”

This is just a normal dialogue we hear from our close ones when they see ‘The two types” girls/boys. People are so racist in body types too. The reason is our society. Our society taught us that fat girls/boys are not normal. Good ones are always slim or athletic body types. These thoughts pierced through our brain and we just became addicted to that thoughts. Today also, there is not much difference.

But fat body is not good. The above mentioned was the mentality of people. Now saying is the medical phase of fat bodies. Everyone knows that a lot of fat ruin the body. Health problem becomes a daily visitor. Most because of these reasons, many people try to loose weight. They go to gym, work hard. Some people sees the result but some don’t. They just get sad, loose the confidence and they stop. This article is for those ones who stopped because they didn’t saw any results. And also for those ones who about to get start.

#1 Kate Writer [120kgs – 55 kg]

#2 600 Pounds To 230 Pounds

#3 270 Lbs To 135 Lbs

#4 170 Lbs Down

#5 Lost 100 Lbs

#6 Through Every Thick & Thin

#7 Inspiring Girlfriend

#8 Lost 140Lbs

#9 Lost 700 Lbs

#10 Lost 165 lbs

#11 193 Lbs Lost

Try hard to find an excuse for not to give a try!