These Photographs Shows How This Self Taught Artist Become A Mistress Of Wearable Art Pieces

Self learning is the best way to prove how skillful you are in your works. Same goes for Rachel Sigmon.

She is an art designer and SFX makeup artist. For last 6 years she is been creating wearable arts and headpieces and doing makeup for 12 years. She is a 100% self taught and she works in most of the designing medium. She says that she have knack in creating an inspiring interpretation, whimsy and fantasy works.

I created most of these photographs with my business partner and photographer, Tara Van Rooyen, Elysian Fantasy Imagery. We have a fantasy photography business together and offer clients a unique photoshoot experience. We are extremely passionate about creating beautiful works of art that inspire wonder and imagination.

She is quite an inspiration to all the people out there who want to shine in their field