The photos of this traveler capture the beautiful diversity of remote cultures around the world

8 years ago, photographer Alexander Khimushin embarked on an adventure around the world, and has been a permanent nomad ever since. This lifestyle has allowed you to contemplate incredible views while you have learned a valuable lesson: people are the most amazing part of your travels. ” Especially in those remote places, where culture and traditions are still alive, ” he explains. ” There are hundreds of unique ethnic minorities in the world .” But because of forces such as globalization, war and discrimination, many of these groups live on the periphery. ” They are losing their identity, language, traditions and, in some cases, are in danger of total extinction, ” writes Khimushin.

The premise of his portraits project is simple: to show the diversity of the world by taking pictures of people. ” If we all realize how unique and amazing we are as a people, we will take care of each other more, and we will be more tolerant of people of another ethnic origin, and other religions and cultures, ” says Khimushin. In the more than two years he has developed this series, he has taken hundreds of portraits. These include young and old people, with their clothes and dresses, jewelry, and styles that speak of their particular culture. This includes portraits of Tofalar people, the world’s smallest minority ethnic group, as well as the Wakhis in Afghanistan. Khimushin reminds this group in particular,

Khimushin continues to travel and photograph people in the furthest corners of the world. Follow him with this trip on Facebook .

Alexander Khimushin shows the beauty of diversity in his ongoing series The World in Faces .

Woman from the Hamer tribe of southwestern Ethiopia

Ixil, Mayan girl from Guatemala

Wakhi Woman from Afghanistan

Girl Daasanach in Africa

Woman from the Wakhan valley in Afghanistan

Woman Semeiskie in Siberia

Tofalar Child

Man of the Bodi tribe

Men Sahrawi (Morocco)

Chico Wakhi in Afghanistan

Boy in Samoa

Girl Shughnan in the Pamir Mountains

Wakhi girl in Afghanistan

Hamer tribe girl in southwestern Ethiopia

Ladakhi woman in the Nubra valley

Girl from the Mursi tribe

Young Buddhist monk Gelug of the monastery Diskit

Maya man from San Juan Atitan in Guatemala

Tofalar Girl