This Is The Reason Behind Dogs Tilt Their Heads

‘Every time i talk with them, they make me go ‘aww’. Tilting their head is one of the most cute gesture they ever make, which make me love them more’

If you own a dog or if you have ever seen them, or been close with them, you can find that whatever they do is so cute. Even if its wagging the tail, licking or sleeping, they do all things with a cute version. Its not just that things. They can even go more cute by doing this special gesture. Yes, tilting their head. even if we are angry with them, when they do that tilt, our anger just vaporize.

Do you know, why they actually do that? Certain studies shows that they do that to listen carefully. We know that dogs have great hearing power. But when they do that they can grasp the voice easily and can find the exact source.

“Dogs have movable earflaps that help them locate the source of a sound, but they also have brains that can compute time differences between the sound reaching each ear. A slight change in a dog’s head position supplies additional information that the canine can use to judge a sound’s distance.”

Dogs can’t understand human language. But doing this they can pick up some clues. Certain sounds and gestures are very much familiar to dogs. That’s the main reason they come to us, when we call out their name.

But certain people don’t agree with this. They says that dogs tilt their heads for a better visual.

“Try the following simple experiment; hold your fist up to your nose… Now, in effect, you are viewing the world with a head shape that has a muzzle like that of a dog.”

After doing that i should say that they have a point. they must be doing this head tilt for a better view. Because that shape of the head could give them an obstructed view. While we talks, if they are doing the head tilt, they are doing that to get a better visual of our mouth to better understand what we say.