Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner Is The Best Invention Ever Happened Recently

Fidget Spinners are now become a trend. Its like a virus. Its addictive and its spreading so fast. As the spreading going fast, new inventions on the basis of fidget spinners are also going super speed.

Every kid in middle school probably has about three fidget spinners by now, but please do not let them do to their fidget spinners what YouTuber The Backyard Scientist did to his, that menas power it by freakin’ rockets.

It’s all truly dangerous fun: again, if you were considering trying this at home, note that this professional maker of cool stuff accidentally shot one of the rockets at his car!He even manages to get a drone in there, filming it all, in case the 12-year-old child in your life needs to be further convinced of this YouTuber’s prime coolness.