They Spent 61 Hours To Make This Stunning Dipdye Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress is the most noticeable item in a wedding. Because of that everyone buys a wedding dress of best quality and latest  fashion and also it should look stunning.

Felicity Westmacott  had this idea of creating a different but colorful wedding dress. From one of the previous photo shoot in 2014, she took a wedding dress that she created, to try an experiment on it. She wasn’t quite sure that whether the idea could work out or not.

It was really difficult to dye the fibers because the dress was of mixed fibers. As of the knowledge only natural fibers can dyed perfectly. So she used ‘Oasis’ on other pieces to test and the result was magnificent. So she took the 6 colors to create the ombre.

I put the dress on a stand in the garden, with the plastic sheeting to protect the dress, not the paving! I masked the lace trim with tape, took a very deep breath….. and began. I worked from the lace downwards layering up the colors in bands that faded one to the other. First yellow and orange then three shades of red graduating to purple and violet at the hem.

When I removed the masking from the lace I decided to add a light spray of yellow to ensure a smooth transition to the white above. Three coats, each with two hours to dry and a total of seven hours of spraying took its toll on my back and trigger finger but the labor of love was worth it.

Atlast the dress was finished. After the shoot, they realized that they succeeded in capturing the incredible moments of Autumn Color, sunlight and creativity.

The Photoshoot Pictures!