The “successful child” turned 10 years and thus today sees its protagonist, who has not had it easy

It is, perhaps, one of the most popular memes in Internet, and Sammy Griner has had to live with the fame, but also with the disease of his father.

Sammy was 11 months old when she posed for the lens of her mother  Laney , eating sand and in attitude to have the world in her clenched fist.

Exactly 10 years later and still the best Success Kid ever! #HappySuccessKidDay

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The photo, published on August 26, 2007, has since been one of the most shared, transformed and emulated in both digital platforms and events and commercial pieces, and is known as the success kid.

The life of its protagonist, however, has had ups and downs. Two years ago, he reappeared publicly to help his father find a living kidney donor.

The Griners three ❤️ #successkidney

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And is that Justin Griner was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2006, and three years later suffered a total failure of the organ. Since then, the drama of dialysis, treatments and medications have accompanied the family.