Superhumans Are Coming | Elon Musk Is The Man Behind

Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, investor, engineer, and inventor. He is already famous for his magnificent Tesla cars and SpaceX aerospace rockets. Now he is all set to bring Superhumans. Yeah, you all heard it right. Super humans, uh… may be similar to the black suited people that we have seen in matrix movie.

Elon Musk

The new concept developed by Elon musk named it ‘Neuralink. Its a neural lace technology that could connect the human brains with computers. That means in the nearby future these tiny electrodes connected to the brain could download and upload thoughts. Doesn’t it fascinating?

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Elon didn’t made any official announcement regarding this. The whole thing came out with a reply by Elon to a tweet asking whether he is still working on ‘neural lace technology’.

Well we are not sure that what is his new venture upto, but for sure it could be another life changing innovation.