Tattoos on bananas, art or a lot of free time?

Art with expiration date or artists with much free time? We show you some tattoos made on bananas and bananas, designs that will leave you surprised and that only last a few days. Watch them and answer if you can to the question.

Surely you remember these two faces tattooed on the banana.

If it is art even if ephemeral, or people who do have a lot of free time and not to get bored make tattoos even on the skin of bananas, the answer you have to decide yourself. Surely after seeing the images you still have serious doubts.

Using chopsticks, punches, pins or anything sharp you can scratch the skin of bananas or bananas, and then the air does the rest thanks to oxidation, scrapes darken and appear tattoos in all their splendor.

It looks like the brand of bananas. Bob Marley banana.

You can check it yourself, do some drawing on a banana or banana using some pointed object, but only rip the skin, and you will see how soon you have a tattoo.

They are able to create amazing designs.

Some of the designs leave you speechless, because it’s hard to imagine how they do it without using a single drop of ink.

The penalty of all these works is their duration, as well as having to destroy the work to consume the product, but we can not hide that some works are worthy of excellent artists. What are these tattoos for you?