Two youtubers are caught in the paralyzed works of the T2 of the Valencia Metro and they navigate the tunnels in boat

After six paralyzed years, the works of line T2 of the meter of Valencia will be reactivated. Before that, two youtubers have sneaked into the facility, demonstrating the state of abandonment of the area, which was even used for a massive bottle on New Year’s Eve.

On board a boat through the tunnels flooded with the works of the line T2 of the Valencia metro, this is how they appear in your video two youtubers, who have shown in what state are works that have stopped since 2011 .

In its route through the tunnels, you can see the state of abandonment that presents the area, in which have invested 200 million euros . The tunnels are flooded, and you even see how the high voltage cables fall into the water.

In addition, in another area there are still unclean remains of a massive bottle that occurred on New Year’s Eve , when hundreds of people sneaked into the tunnel to celebrate a party that ended with the intervention of the Police.

Finally, the Valencian Government has reached an agreement to reactivate some works that try to unite the Station of the North with the City of the Arts. This line is intended to be active in 2023 .